Omid Abdi, Ph.D., P.E.

Senior Structural Engineer


Sridhar Baldava

Principal and Senior Engineer

Walter P Moore

James Warton

VP Computation Design

HKS Design Firm 

Luca Frattari

Global Senior Director, Business and Technology Development



  • Altair’s Simulation Driven Solutions in the AEC Industry

  • Technological breakthrough - Altair SimSolidTM- Structural simulation of large, complex assemblies in minutes!

  • Reducing model prep time with HyperMesh – Omid Abdi from HDR

  • Shear Wall Layout Optimization with a Computational Design Approach – Sridhar Baldava from Walter P. Moore

  • Right Design from Inception – James Warton from HKS

Customer Story

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) is a renowned global architectural, urban planning, and engineering firm. Known for some of the world’s most technically and environmentally advanced buildings,The firm has won more design awards than any other architectural practice, and is known for buildings such as the Burj Khalifa (Dubai), Willis Tower (Chicago) and many more. With its eyes set on a sustainable future, SOM leads the way in building the impossible.


SOM designed the New United States Courthouse in Downtown L.A to be an open and transparent public space, while also constantly considering the materials used in the project and the project’s environmental footprint. The structural design specialists at SOM used Altair’s Optistruct to generate an ideal project plan that considered sustainable regulations and manufacturing.



New Simulation Strategies to Slash Architectural, Engineering & Construction Project Timing and Costs


Leading design firms join Altair to discuss high-fidelity simulation solutions for all experience levels to realize efficiency gains up to 40%

KITES would cordially like to invite you to attend the webinar for Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industries on behalf of our partner Altair Engineering. The Webinar will focus on exploring the transformational shift and the positive business impact of how user experience advancements and the introduction of novel simulation technologies have enabled designers and civil engineers to make use of  these techniques throughout AEC projects. 



The building received LEED® Platinum certification and reached the GSA’s 2020 energy objective. It has also won more than 35 awards for its creative and timeless architectural and structural design.

Event: Tuesday 23rd June 2020- 7:00pm to 8:30pm (Kuwait Time) (Time may vary by time zone)

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