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WEBINAR SERIES (August 2020)

Four-part Welding Webinar Series in August 2020

On behalf of our partner MSC Software, KITES would like to invite you to attend our webinar series to gain the basics for understanding the goals of welding simulation. by participating in these webinars you are going to learn how to optimize your manufacturing processes by the use of Simufact Welding. Our experts introduce you to concrete fields of application.

Why you should join our Four-part Welding Webinar Series

The simulation of welding processes is becoming more and more important in view of the increasing variety of metal parts produced today. Welding simulation enables the optimization of dimensions and properties of welded components – even with a large number of applied seams or spot welds.


The aim of this webinar series is to explain the application areas and potentials of solutions for welding simulation. This includes an overview of the existing possibilities as well as the presentation of concrete industrial applications and an insight into the software itself.



Sign up now for the welding webinar series. If you are unable to attend an event, we will be happy to provide you with a recorded session afterward and we do encourage you to participate in these webinars and forward this invitation to others in your organization who may be interested in joining.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity today.

Event Time: All webinars are at 6:00 pm (Kuwait Time) (Time may vary by time zone)